Only the Best Electrical & Solar Contractors for Your Property

Our founder Trevor Bell is heavily involved with customer projects, which means you get the benefit of his experience plus the support of our great team. Each of our experts are journeyman electricians, and our solar crews all carry photovoltaic licensed.

This plus our background in building and construction means we have seen it all before.

Team Bell Solar Electrical Systems

We're a tight-knit group of electrical and solar installers

Our company values relationships: The ones we have with our staff and the ones we have with our customers. And we’re not profit- focused. We truly believe in taking care of employees so they take care of our business.

  • Focus on diverse team-building over profit.
  • Women-owned and operated.
  • Awarded “Best Contractor of 2014.”
  • Completed thousands of commercial and residential projects.
  • Running leader in the renewable energy revolution


Our Story

Our History

Bell Solar & Electrical Systems was founded in 2007 by Trevor Bell. In 2017, Alexia Cooper, Estevan DeLosSantos, and Dylan Carmain came together to revolutionize Bell with new innovative ideas. In 2020, Alexia Cooper, Estevan DeLosSantos, and Dylan Carmain bought out Trevor Bell, making it an employee-owned company.

Revolutionizing the construction industry
New apprentices are welcome and trained in a healthy environment

Bell Solar & Electrical Group Photo - drone shot
Bell Solar Office and Trucks

Our Company

Bell Solar & Electrical Systems is at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution! We provide the highest quality materials with the best customer service in the industry by bridging the gap between construction and consumer to create an environment where every customer has control over their project. From installing a new outlet, to properly sizing a new solar system, we personally walk each customer step by step from start to finish throughout the process to ensure full understanding of what our team is doing. Our team provides the best of the best for our customers in all aspects of the project.

We believe in taking care of employees so that they take care of our business and customers. Bell Solar does solar differently. Our care for our employees extends outside the work environment. We personally care for our team’s family and personal goals. Every member of our team adds an important contribution to each project and they are held accountable to the utmost standards. Each of our installation crews and electricians get a “Quality Assurance Bonus” to ensure that all standards are met. In addition, our crews also get a “Perfect Week Bonus” awarded when each install of that week achieved a perfect score upon initial inspection.

At Bell Solar, we are firm believers in striving to be the best version of ourselves. We do that by partnering with Rapport Leadership International to send each of our employees through multiple rigorous leadership training courses. “Rapport’s series of courses allows you to drive performance, strengthen communication, achieve goals, inspire collaboration, and create a dynamic business culture.” – From Rapport Website

Our Leaders

Alexia Cooper
Alexia is creating an impact on the world by revolutionizing the construction industry. She chooses to lead by spreading positivity and empowering individuals to be the best version of themselves. Alexia believes in creating opportunities for women in the construction industry.

Estevan DeLosSantos
Chief Operations Officer
Estevan DeLosSantos is an expert in relationships. He strives to create an impact for our customers and team members by going above and beyond. As the Director of Operations, Estevan is tasked with ensuring all projects run smoothly and efficiently by properly preparing the team for any situation.

Dylan Carmain
Director of Purchasing
Dylan Carmain became established in the construction industry in 2010, joining Bell in 2017. Dylan has been with Bell the longest out of all team members! He is an expert solution finder for on-site dilemmas to ensure the wellbeing of our team and the customers. He is our company expert in electrical code and technical questions

Our Mission

Rewiring the world to build a sustainable future for generations to come.

Core Values


We believe in communicating every step of the process with our customers from start to finish.

J.F.D.I. – Just Focus and Do it

We can get any project done with any specifications to the best of our ability.

Team Work

We believe in working together and pushing the team to become the best version of themselves.


We love what we do and continue to build our team members up.


Every team member has an important contribution to make and we hold each other accountable to the utmost standards.


We take pride in respecting each other and our customers’ time, property, and desires.


We say what we mean and mean what we say.

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