Best Options for Outdoor Lighting Installations in Las Vegas

Outdoor lighting can transform your home, making it safer and more accessible at all hours of the day. Check out some lighting ideas to liven your home!

Every Las Vegas resident knows that outdoor lighting can transform an unlit space into something magical. What’s the best system to use?

If you have a pool, patio, or simply want to use your front or back yard at night, you know that it’s imperative to have an outdoor lighting system. With today’s exterior lighting technology, you have more opportunities than ever to light up your space. Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, learning about the various options for outdoor lighting can help you enjoy your yard even more than you already do.

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The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

When done correctly, outdoor lighting can create a night and day difference to the exterior of your residence, allowing you to maximize its use at all times. Outdoor lighting is a low-cost feature that can improve a yard’s appearance, increase the functionality of the space that’s lit, and make outdoor areas safer, especially the front yard. Exterior lighting can also transform the aesthetics of your home and improve its curb appeal.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Las Vegas homeowners and renters may want to update their outdoor lighting to take advantage of the following:

Patio Lighting

Patio lighting is essential if you want to use this space at night, which is a natural choice, given the intense sunlight of the hot Las Vegas days. You’ll have a variety of patio lighting options to choose from that can perfectly match your space and the mood you hope to create. Many of these are nonintrusive and can blend into your surroundings, while others can become distinctive fixtures of their own that complement your home’s aesthetic. Some of your options include the following:

  • Lamps
  • Torches
  • Wall Lighting
  • String Lighting
  • Spot Lighting

Front Door Lighting

A well-lit front entryway can make your whole home safer and more attractive. There are many different lighting options to choose from, such as overhead lanterns or sconces that can be placed on walls near the door. Front door lighting fixtures come in a variety of finishes, from oil-rubbed bronze, wrought iron, and brass, to more affordable options, such as welded aluminum or sheet metal. Whatever option you choose, make sure your entryway is well-lit.

Pool Area Lighting

Pools can be dangerous after dark, but with the right lighting, your family and guests can enjoy it long after the sun goes down. A fiber-optic cable, a popular pool lighting option, can be used along the pool’s perimeter, giving off an understated ambience that provides enough light for safety without being intrusive. LED lights offer powerful light in a variety of colors and are programmable, long-lasting, and energy efficient. Older incandescent and halogen lights are less efficient and only give off white light, but are still a good option for homeowners.

Outdoor Solar Lighting

If you want to light up your front or back yard, but don’t want to deal with additional maintenance or utility costs, consider buying outdoor solar lighting fixtures. Many common fixtures are now solar powered, from pathway lights to more powerful lamps and flood lights. Outdoor solar lighting fixtures don’t need outlets, don’t have wires, and power themselves, making them easy for owners to install. They can be used in the back yard or front yard for any use that you can think of, but they’ll need access to sunlight to charge their batteries and keep them working at night.

The Benefits of Outdoor Landscape Lighting

You want to show your home off at all hours, and landscape lighting lets you do just that. Strategic lighting in your front or back yard improves your landscape’s appearance by highlighting certain plants, rock formations, or other features. Landscape lighting also makes the area safer by helping your family and others avoid injuries on unseen objects and by deterring intruders. Landscape lighting also gives you a simple and effective way to switch up your home’s look, as you can easily move lights around, get new ones, or change their colors.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Ideas

Las Vegas homeowners and renters may want to update their outdoor landscape lighting fixtures or add new ones in order to improve their home’s security, safety, accessibility, and overall look.

LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting

LED landscape lighting is a popular option for homeowners, thanks to its safety, low energy usage, and bright, colorful light. LEDs don’t produce much heat, making them a safe option in the dry desert climate of Las Vegas. With a wide variety of colors to choose from, LEDs are ideal for displays that require color. They are also long-lasting, making them an affordable long-term lighting option for many households.

Outdoor Solar Landscape Lights

Solar lighting fixtures are ideal for homeowners who want to highlight the landscape of their home without disturbing it. These units don’t require wires or a power source, as they are fully self-contained. They can be installed or moved by the homeowner, making it easy for homeowners to change their lighting displays as they want. Solar landscape lights are very safe to handle and are also inexpensive, making them a popular option for homeowners who aren’t looking for an elaborate display.

Garden Lighting

Garden lighting fixtures often come in the form of miniature spotlights or lamps and can illuminate a large space while leaving a small footprint. They can come in the form of spike lamps that stick in the ground, wall lamps that attach to nearby structures, deck lighting that can light your entire backyard from a distance, and other forms. Many garden lights use LEDs due to the low amount of heat they produce and their low energy usage.

Pathway Lighting

Pathway lights keep walkways around your home lit and can help your family or your guests safely enjoy them at night. Some of the lights are like miniature lanterns that you can plant in the ground along a path, while others have a lower profile. These lights often have a bronze, brass, copper, or other metal finish, but less expensive options are available for homeowners who want to save some money. Many pathway lights are now LEDs, making these a safe, inexpensive option for homeowners looking for more light at night.

Outdoor lighting can be an affordable way to improve the look, safety, security, and accessibility of your home. Regardless of the size of your home, or whether you’re an owner or a renter, there’s a wide variety of exterior lighting options you can use to improve your quality of life. Bell Solar & Electrical Systems can help Las Vegas residents with their custom outdoor lighting needs. We’ve been helping businesses and residents across the Las Vegas Valley since 2007 and will be more than happy to send our team of experienced journeymen electricians to help light your home.

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