Electrical Tasks To Do Before Daylight Saving Time Ends

Is your home ready for fall? Check out these electrical tasks around your home to finish while you still have sunlight!

Daylight saving time ends on the first Sunday of November. Which household tasks should you finish to get your home ready for the winter?

Making those changes now can save you time and money during the dark, chilly months ahead. It’s also safer to do much of this housework while there’s still enough light in the day. Find out what home electrical tasks you can get started on today!

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Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Along with its aesthetic value, landscape lighting provides added safety and security to your home. Be sure that these lights are all working properly and that any needed repairs are scheduled now to keep your pathways, patios, flower beds, and doorways lit. If your home doesn’t have helpful landscape lighting yet, consider getting it installed to ensure clear walkways and to increase home security.

Hot Tub

Your hot tub is one of the few places in the world where water and electricity almost mix. After a long summer, it’s important to check on its electronics to make sure they’re working properly before taking a dip on a cool night. Common problems include poor heating and filtration, which are usually due to worn-out pumps, thermostats, or heat sensors that need to be replaced. Faulty, damaged, or burned-out lights will also need to be replaced and present a shock hazard if they remain in the tub.

LED Lights

Converting the lights around your home (inside and outside!) to LED bulbs is something you’ll want to do as soon as possible. LEDs use less energy and last longer than other types of bulbs, letting them save users substantial amounts on energy bills, especially if the home has extensive lighting. This is always important once we “fall back,” but it’s especially so now, since more of us are spending extra time at home.

HVAC Filters

A new HVAC filter can allow your system to run easier, less frequently, and use less energy. With the pandemic keeping people indoors, ensuring that your home has good air quality is also vital to your health. Check your air filter as we go into fall, even if you changed it fairly recently, especially since extensive wildfires this time of year have become a seasonal phenomenon. A new filter can also reduce the likelihood that your HVAC system requires an electrical repair.

Ceiling Fans

Many people don’t know this, but ceiling fans should change their rotation with the seasons. During the warmer months, it’s best to adjust them so they spin counterclockwise and draw warm air up. However, as daylight saving time approaches, changing their rotation to clockwise can help to keep your home warm.

Smoke Alarm Batteries

It’s helpful to change the batteries in your smoke alarms before they chirp and frighten you or wake up your family. Local fire departments typically suggest that people change the batteries in their smoke detectors twice a year. The beginning and end of daylight saving time serve as convenient reminders to do this.

Yard Sprinkler Timer

As we head into fall, your watering schedule will change. You’ll need to reset your lawn or yard’s irrigation timer so that it is in compliance with fall water usage needs. Visit the Las Vegas Valley Water District’s website to view your watering schedule. For the fall, it will be three days a week and never on Sundays.

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