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Exposing Commercial Solar’s Top Myths

Let's debunk 7 common myths about commercial solar panels in Nevada. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today!

Nobody likes high energy bills, except the folks down at the power company.

Due to the ever-rising cost of electricity, many homeowners in places like Nevada, with our ample sunshine, have already turned to solar power to help defray or eliminate high power costs. But what about business owners? What can solar do for them?

Many commercial facilities are larger than the average home, so the cost of powering them is much higher. The good news for business owners is that solar isn’t just for residential. It’s also the perfect solution to lower or eliminate those high electricity bills and save money. If you’re a business owner, facility manager, building engineer, or serve in a similar role, read on to find out what commercial solar energy can do for you and your budget.

Yes, Solar Will Greatly Benefit Your Business

Solar is more popular than ever and the perfect solution for Nevada businesses. With an average of 310 sunny days per year in the Las Vegas area, why let the energy company reap the profits when the sun is free? When you choose solar for your business, you’ll start saving money instantly and there are plenty of financial incentives. Choosing solar means avoiding sky-high energy bills and helping the environment at the same time.

Here are some of the many benefits you’ll enjoy by going solar:

·        Reduction or elimination of your electric bill

·        Fantastic return on investment

·        Lowered carbon footprint for your business

·        Marketing your business as eco-friendly

·        Little to no maintenance

·        Government tax benefits

At Bell Solar & Electrical Systems, we hold a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) license and have been installing PV systems since 2010. You can trust our qualified, experienced journeyman electricians to get it done right in a timely, efficient, and quality manner so you can reduce your building costs and put money back in your pocket.

Commercial Solar’s Top 7 Myths And Their Truths

Truth matters, and unfortunately, there are a lot of false assumptions about solar. We want to dispel some of these and show you how commercial solar installation can greatly benefit your business. Let’s take a closer look at some myths versus truths.

Myth: I can’t afford to switch my business to solar.

Some business owners believe the startup cost of solar is too high. It’s true that at one time, it was prohibitively expensive to purchase and install a full PV panel array. It’s also true that years ago, solar systems were not as efficient, and excess power storage was limited due to older technologies.

Truth: Now is the time to invest in solar.

Solar technology has come a long way and the price has dropped considerably. According to a recent Solar Energy Industries Association report, the price of solar dropped by 11 percent over the past five years. Additional local, state, and federal tax credits and other incentives for commercial installations can lower the price even more. Meanwhile, as the technology continues to evolve, solar becomes more and more efficient, meaning you’ll see a return on investment faster than ever before.

Myth: Installing a solar system will cause business disruptions or downtime.

Certain construction projects can result in disruption or downtime of your business. Think of having the reroof or replumb your facility. That would definitely interrupt normal business operations and perhaps this is why some believe the same would happen from a solar PV array installation.

Truth: We keep your business up and running while we work.

Bell Solar knows your business is your livelihood. That’s why we make sure your business stays up and running while we do our work. Our efficient, timely, and prompt professional technicians ensure the least amount of disruption possible during the installation process.

Myth: A solar system isn’t worth it if it can’t provide enough power for the entire building.

We’ve all seen those little solar panels used on roadside signs. You may see them and think, sure it can power a sign, but what’s the point of solar if it doesn’t produce enough power for my entire building? How can that investment possibly pay off?

Truth: You’ll be saving money on your electric bill that you wouldn’t have been saving before.

Even if you start with a small installation, it’s still a wise investment, because a little savings is better than nothing. But if you’re willing to make a larger investment, chances are you will succeed in dramatically cutting those bills. As with any investment, the savings compound over time, so if you’re concerned about having enough money upfront for a full array with the goal of eliminating your power bill, you could start small and use the money saved over time to gradually expand.

Myth: Solar panels can only be installed on the roof and our roof can’t support them.

Having a roof over your head is one of the main requirements of survival. Maybe your roof isn’t in the best shape or perhaps you just don’t want to take a chance that it’s not solid enough to support an array. It’s a common myth that solar panels can only be installed on the roof.

Truth: Ground-mounted solar arrays can be just as effective.

Your roof isn’t the only option because all solar needs to work correctly is the sun. If your roof isn’t in great shape, you can choose to install solar elsewhere, such as on the ground. Our technicians will perform a complete rooftop inspection to determine whether it’s capable of supporting the panels, and if not we can propose alternatives.

Myth: Since solar technology keeps improving, I should just wait.

People on the market for a new car may wait for fancy new bells and whistles due out in next year’s model. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it may explain why those considering solar decide to wait and see what kinds of new features or improvements are coming down the pike.

Truth: Solar technology is excellent now and will still be effective for decades to come.

It’s true that technology is always improving, and solar is no different, but the technology simply doesn’t change by leaps and bounds in the way cars or computers do. These days, solar panels can last up to 25 years or more and the storage capacity has come so far that you can now store loads of excess power to use at night or to sell back to your electricity provider. It’s never a bad time to invest in solar and waiting a year or two won’t gain you any appreciable benefits in the way it might with a new laptop.

Myth: Going solar is a lot of work.

Some people see the glass as half full, and some see it as half empty. Some people incorrectly believe that going solar will be a lot of work and thus decline to consider solar without learning more about the installation process and maintenance.

Truth: We do all the work for you.

When you choose Bell Solar, you’ll rest easy knowing we handle everything from financing, planning, design, and installation, making it easy, convenient, and stress-free. We even coordinate with your electric company and obtain the necessary permits.

Myth: Solar panels need a lot of maintenance.

Back to the car analogy, you know how much maintenance automobiles require, whether it’s routine oil changes or serious, time-consuming issues like engine, transmission, or brake work. And let’s not forget about the washing. Perhaps this explains the myth about how much maintenance solar panels need?

Truth: Maintenance is minimal, and we provide the maintenance.

In fact, solar panels require very minimal maintenance. Other than an annual cleaning, your panels should last for 25 years or more with little work. As for the cleaning, you can also utilize rain to help and occasionally spray them down with water to wash off dust that may accumulate.

Learn More About Switching Your Business to Solar

Bell Solar is the premier commercial solar company in the Las Vegas area and we’re here to help you. You can’t go wrong with solar, whether you choose to go large or small, rooftop or ground level, you’ll see a great return on investment. Give us a call or visit our website to request a free, no-strings-attached quote.

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