Ground-mounted Commercial Solar Panel Installation: What Are the Benefits?

Ground-mounted commercial solar panels can supplement or wholly substitute for a rooftop system. Find out how they can benefit your business.

How can business owners benefit from ground-mount solar?

Rooftop solar systems are popular in Las Vegas, but they’re not suitable for every business, especially for those in older buildings or with unconventional roofs. Ground-based commercial solar systems can dramatically increase the energy that businesses collect. Before scheduling a solar panel installation in Las Vegas, learn about the different types to determine which one is best suited for your needs.

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Types of Ground-mounted Solar Panel Systems

Ground-mounted solar panels have a number of key differences that make them better suited than their rooftop counterparts for many businesses. For example, some systems can move their panels to maximize the energy they absorb. If you’re considering commercial solar panel installation, it’s vital that you learn about the three types of ground-mounted systems. Carefully consider your own business needs to choose the right solar panel mount.

Standard Mount

A standard ground-mount solar system typically consists of horizontal racks of solar panels on scaffolding secured to the ground via pylons or attached to a foundation. The panels may be manually adjusted to catch more sunlight during different times of the year but are typically fixed in place. Standard mounts are ideal in situations where businesses have ample space to use and don’t need to maximize the amount of solar energy they collect.

Pole Mount

Pole mounted solar systems have a small footprint, making them ideal in situations where businesses have limited space to use. They often integrate single- or dual-axis trackers that move the solar panels to match the sun’s changing position. They may require more maintenance than standard mounts due to their moving parts. This task is best left to professional Las Vegas solar installers.

Solar Carports

Solar carports are purpose-built carports that are designed to house solar panels and aren’t simply existing carports with a newly-installed solar array. As such, the canopy of a solar carport is built to accommodate the maximum amount of solar panels. The canopy is also typically built at an angle to maximize the amount of sunlight it can catch throughout the year. Solar carports can cover a relatively vast area, giving them an advantage over a rooftop installation for some businesses. 

Benefits of Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

Ground-mount solar has a few key benefits relative to rooftop systems that make them worthy alternatives or supplements.

Lowered Utility Costs

Installing a commercial solar system can require what appear to be hefty up-front costs, but you can save much more on utilities after your initial investment. As ground-mounted solar panels can utilize much more space than the rooftop of your business, they may be able to increase the amount of energy you can collect.

Easier to Maintain

Ground-based solar systems are easier to maintain than rooftop systems, which require a trained specialist to access. Whether you need to wipe down your panels or switch out an inverter, it’s easier to do so on the ground. Scheduling a solar panel installation in Las Vegas for a ground-mounted system would save your business money over time.

No Roof Limitations

A roof that needs to be repaired or is simply ill-suited for solar can cause problems for a solar system later on. An older roof will need to be replaced sooner rather than later, which means that a specialist will have to be paid to temporarily remove any solar panels that are on it. Some roofs are also poor fits for solar due to their shape or composition, making a ground-mount solar installation a suitable alternative.

Higher Efficiency

Solar panel trackers can increase the efficiency of ground-based systems by tilting their panels toward the sun as it moves across the sky. This is especially important for businesses that have little space to spare. Pole-mounted systems can utilize dual-axis trackers that move the panels up, down, left, and right. This allows them to achieve an optimal angle with the sun throughout the day and the year.

Greater Energy Collection

Solar systems that are placed on the ground have the potential to collect vast amounts of sunlight. Roof space is limited, and while Las Vegas does have many larger buildings, it has even more open space. Parking lots in particular have enormous solar potential, especially when solar carports are taken into consideration.

Where to Install Ground-mount Solar Panels

Ground-mount solar systems are only effective as where and how you install them. Any space on your property that receives low traffic and is safe from obstruction could be a good spot to install ground-mounted solar panels. Some of the following locations you’ll want to explore include the following:

  • Parking lots
  • Utility service areas
  • Dirt lots
  • Delivery areas
  • Car ports

You can still take advantage of commercial solar even if you don’t think you have the roof space for it. A ground-based solar system can supplement a rooftop system your business already has or can take the place of it if your business’s roof isn’t suitable for solar.

Commercial Properties Ideal for Ground-mount Solar

If you have any of the following commercial properties and buildings, you could benefit from ground-mount solar panels:

  • Shopping malls
  • Farms
  • Office complexes
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Restaurants
  • Stand-alone buildings

Any building that has unused space outside exposed to sunlight throughout the day could potentially be a location for a ground-mounted solar. An experienced solar installation company like us can help you identify areas around your property that are ideal for solar and provide estimates on how much energy they can generate.

Are There Disadvantages to a Ground-mounted Solar System?

Ground-mounted systems come with several disadvantages that business owners should consider before committing to an installation. Energy Sage reports that the electricity from ground-based systems can be more expensive than rooftop ones. Prices for carport and ground-mounted systems come in at $3.93 and $3.16 per kW/h, respectively, compared to $2.90 per kW/h for rooftop systems. Commercial building owners also need to get their commercial solar panel installation approved by the Department of Building & Fire Prevention before beginning work on them.

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