4 Nevada Solar Power Laws for 2021 to Pay Attention To

Nevada's solar power laws are constantly changing as the state adapts to renewables. Find out how they can benefit you in 2021.

Want to take advantage of Nevada solar power this year? There are some new changes to Nevada’s solar laws that you’ll need to know.

Take a look at current and upcoming laws regarding solar panels in Las Vegas to maximize your benefits in 2021.

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Nevada Solar Power Laws in 2021

If you want to harness solar power in Las Vegas, check to see if you can benefit from any of the following laws.

AB 405

After much contention, AB 405 ensured that Nevadans had a right to access renewable energy. This bill also confirmed Nevadans’ right to obtain easements for a solar energy system in the event that they faced obstructions. Prior to the passage of this bill, homeowners associations (HOAs) had the ability to restrict the ability of homeowners to install solar panels. AB 405 stripped HOAs of this power and allowed homeowners to request that neighbors remove solar obstructions.

Crucially, this bill also restored net metering, which was briefly discontinued in 2015. Homeowners could once again sell the electricity produced by their solar panels in Las Vegas to Nevada Power. The new system is a compromise in which every 80 megawatt increase of residential solar power causes a 7% drop in the price Nevada Power pays to consumers. Currently, the utility pays a net metering rate equal to 75% the retail rate for energy.

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SB 407

This bill created the Nevada Clean Energy Fund, a nonprofit corporation designed to help residential and commercial solar projects obtain financing. The fund functions as a “Green bank,” which has successfully served as an intermediary between traditional financial institutions and renewable projects in other states that have created them. The NCEF remains under development but can help homeowners use solar power in Las Vegas as it grows.

SB 146

Rooftop solar is becoming more ubiquitous throughout Nevada, and SB 146 was written as a way to acknowledge that isn’t going to change anytime soon. This bill requires that state utilities take into account projects, such as solar panels in Las Vegas, when determining future energy production. While this doesn’t yield direct benefits to homeowners, it further institutionalized Nevada solar power as a formal part of energy planning at the state level.

AB 465

AB 465 expands access that underprivileged communities have to rooftop solar. The bill requires utilities to open access to Nevada solar energy to low-income residents in the state. AB 465 creates community programs in which at least 25% of participants must be low income, expanding access to solar beyond those who can afford a traditional rooftop array. This can be an option for low income residents to benefit from Nevada solar power.

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