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Bell Is The Official Solar Partner of the Henderson Silver Knights

Bell Solar & Electrical Systems is proud to announce that we are now the Official Solar Partner of the Henderson Silver Knights! Read more about it here.

Being your hometown solar and electric company definitely affords us some special opportunities.

Bell Solar & Electrical Systems is proud to announce that we are now the Official Solar Partner of the Henderson Silver Knights. We love serving the Las Vegas area and we are overjoyed to announce this new partnership between two local organizations!

Dynamic Partnerships Encourage Growth

For those who haven’t heard, the Henderson Silver Knights are the official AHL team of the Las Vegas Golden Knights. We all saw how our community came together when the Golden Knights brought professional hockey to Las Vegas.

Seeing how dedicated the fans became was … such a monumental moment for me, being born and raised here. I had a personal connection with it.”
Alexia Cooper

In fact, the team at Bell is proud that most of our crew was also raised in the Las Vegas and Henderson area. We have a lot of love for the Las Vegas Valley and hold a personal investment in our local community. Every member of the team is committed to making this community stronger and more resilient. A partnership with the Henderson Silver Knights is going to aid us in keeping this commitment.

Hometown Teams Coming Together

The entire Bell team loves that Las Vegas is now home to national live sporting events. We were thrilled to be contacted by the Silver Knights representatives about a possible partnership. At Bell Solar & Electrical Systems, we are passionate hockey fans and feel honored to be paired with such a dynamic organization. We jumped at the chance to become affiliated with the Silver Knights and to see how we can collaborate to help our community. As Alexia Cooper puts it: “I’m so excited to see other ways we can give back and continue to be a part of this growing foundation.” We have the Henderson Silver Knights to thank for that opportunity.

An Exciting Team-Up

We can’t wait to see what this partnership can accomplish. We’ve already discussed a few paths that we hope this venture may lead us to.

  • More opportunities for local projects to help our fellow Las Vegans reduce their electric bills.
  • Helping to build a sense of community and home team pride.
  • Teaching more residents about the possibilities of solar power services for their commercial or residential properties.
  • Finding more opportunities to partner with other local businesses.

We Build Relationships

The Henderson Silver Knights organization has a lot in common with Bell Solar and Electrical Systems. In our day-to-day operations, we care more about building customer relationships than making a sale.

“The whole team over there is great; they are very relationship-based. We base our entire company on relationships. So they really took the time to get to know us.”
Alexia Cooper

This partnership is more than two businesses being affiliated with one another. Becoming the Official Solar Partner of the Henderson Silver Knights will result in joining two organizations that care about people and bettering their community. 

Proudly Serving Henderson & The Las Vegas Area

We opened our doors in Las Vegas in 2007, and over that time have served every part of the Valley. With our technical expertise, Bell Solar & Electrical Systems can handle any household electrical issue you are facing. We provide emergency services for outages and have portable generators if needed. Our journeymen electricians are capable, prepared, and honest. When you have any type of electrical outage, fuse box problem, or solar panel question, please give us a call.

If you’ve ever considered the possibilities of solar power, now is the time to further explore this clean energy for your home. No one provides solar power services to Las Vegas better than we do. We are your award-winning, hometown solar and electrical company, and we are happy to serve you! Give us a call today to discuss the ways in which solar energy can benefit your home

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