Our Pledge to Help Those in Need, One Roof at a Time

We're taking the renewable energy revolution global - and you can help! Find out how your roof can change the life of a family in need.

We’re taking our mission to improve people’s lives with renewable energy solutions global — and you can help!

All over the world, communities struggle to access fresh, clean water. According to the World Health Organization, nearly 800 million people don’t have access to a drinking water source and approximately 2 billion people’s water sources are contaminated with feces. It’s also estimated that by 2025, half of the people in the world will reside in water-stressed areas. These numbers are beyond troubling. We couldn’t learn this information and then sit idly by.

At Bell Solar & Electrical Systems, we strive to be the change we want to see in the world. So, we partnered with the GivePower Foundation to provide water-scarce communities with life-saving access to clean water via solar energy. Find out how you can help as we double down on using renewable energy to transform the lives of people all over the globe!

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Solar: Supplying Vulnerable Communities with Access to Clean Water

The benefits of solar energy that make it an excellent option for your home or business also make it an ideal power source for the world’s most remote communities. Believe it or not, water-borne illnesses are still one of the greatest dangers facing humanity. GivePower uses simple technologies to create its Solar Water Farms™, which are bringing safe, running water to more than 400,000 people worldwide. When we learned that this organization was using renewable technologies to overcome one of the world’s greatest challenges, we knew we had to partner with them!

Our Pledge to Donate $80 per Solar System Install

To put our money where our mouth is, Bell is donating $80 from every rooftop solar installation to GivePower. Why $80? GivePower estimates that every $20 donation can provide one person with clean water for 20 years. This means that every family we help here in Las Vegas can help another family achieve clean, running water through GivePower. 

We aim to install 1,250 rooftop solar systems in 2021 alone, meaning in the next year, we could help 5,000 people get clean water for decades. And we’re just getting started! The solar system you install for your home or business could change not just your life but can provide longer, healthier lives for others, too. What better way is there to embrace the clean energy revolution than to share it with others and help those less fortunate?

Clean Energy is the Present and the Future

Clean energy solutions are radically transforming our lives and will surely continue doing so well into the future. Renewable energy from wind and solar systems reduce overall emissions and pollution, allowing us to enjoy a modern lifestyle with few of the downsides for the climate or our health. As the cost of clean energy has fallen in recent years, it finally makes economic sense, too. A rapid transformation is underway, as economies and households shift to renewable energy, and your tax bill could soon reflect it.

Solar Energy Tax Breaks for 2021

If you’re thinking about going solar, you’ll be able to take advantage of extensive tax breaks. These can make a solar system a worthwhile investment for many home and business owners who otherwise might not afford it. The Solar Tax Credit, also known as the federal investment tax credit (ITC), allows home and business owners to reduce their tax burden by deducting 22% of the cost of the solar system they install. However, those who want to use this tax credit must have solar systems installed by December 31, 2021, to qualify. 

Join the Clean Energy Revolution by Switching to Solar

The clean energy revolution is occurring now and your home or business can directly benefit from it with lower utility costs. Switching your home or business to solar can pay off in just a few years and save you energy costs for decades. Even better, when you go solar with us, you’ll help people in disadvantaged communities use this same technology to secure one of life’s basic necessities: clean water. Change the world with Bell Solar & Electrical Systems during your residential or commercial solar panel installation!

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