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10 Reasons to Choose Bell as Your Las Vegas Solar Installer

With so many solar installation companies in the nearby area, it can be difficult to choose the best contractor for your renewable energy. Here's why you should go with Bell Solar.

We all seem to be spending more time at home with our loved ones these days. But spending more time at home means spending more money on your utility bill. Luckily, you live in one of the sunniest places in the United States. 

Now that the prices are more reasonable, solar power is quickly becoming the most commonly considered home upgrade in Las Vegas. If you’re interested in harnessing the power of the desert sun to power your home, then Bell Electrical Systems is the finest choice for a solar installer that you can choose. We provide the area with the best customer service from our employee-owned headquarters located right in Las Vegas.

Why Choose Bell?

It’s important to shop around before considering any home repair, construction, or upgrade. And it’s no different when looking for solar panel installation companies. We know you’ll be pleased with our service, however, we are happy to give you a few reasons to choose Bell Solar & Electric.

1) Unrivaled customer service and communication

Our customer service specialists and solar electricians are known for their integrity and knowledge. With that integrity comes honest estimates, transparent pricing, and answers to all of your questions. We are always accessible and straightforward. We are so proud of our staff that we invite you to look at our online reviews. The customer service experience at Bell, from the first consultation to installation, is unrivaled. 

2) We’re award-winning and rated in the 3% of all Nevada contractors

We are proud to have been named a Best of Las Vegas Gold Winner by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. We also carry the distinction of being ranked in the top 3% of contractors in the state of Nevada. Our client satisfaction speaks for itself. We believe that when we work with integrity, our community will notice. 

3) Our pledge to GivePower

Not only is it important to bring solar energy solutions to Las Vegas, but it’s our intention to help make the world a better place. While this may seem a lofty goal, we have built a partnership with GivePower to do just that. The GivePower organization provides aid for communities in need of safe, clean drinking water by building solar farms that pump clean water for up to 35,000 people. This program has established solar farms in over 17 countries, including the United States.

For every solar panel installation that we complete, we will donate $80 to GivePower. This amount provides four people with clean drinking water for 20 years. Our 2021 goal is to provide this gift for 5,000 people. If you decide to partner with us, you’ll help us to reach our goal faster.

4) We only offer high-quality solar panel components

We want you to be happy with your installation for decades. That’s why the photovoltaic panels we offer come with a 25-year power, parts, and labor warranty. All power inverters and storage batteries that we choose to use are of the highest quality. We want you to successfully harness the power of the sun to generate the amount of power that your family needs. So we will only use solar panel components that we trust.

5) Our technicians are all journeymen electricians

Journeymen electricians have spent years being an apprentice to another electrician and learning the proper safety protocols. Once they are ready to work on their own, journeymen continue to develop their skills and further their knowledge through continued education. Trained and ready to work without supervision, our journeyman electricians are experts in photovoltaic installation. 

6) We’re local

There are several national solar panel installation companies that you can choose from. But there are more benefits to choosing a local solar electrician. First, we offer competitive pricing on all our high-quality products and installation. By being local, we are available to maintain your system or troubleshoot any issues you may have. Further, we live here too, so we are familiar with our utility company, solar rebate programs, and our typical local weather.

7) We offer “Quality Assurance Bonuses” to our crews to ensure consistently excellent work

We know that our staff does an excellent job, so we aim to reward them for their consistency. After every install, we reward our team for meeting all standards after a successful inspection. As an employee-owned company, Bell Solar & Electric understands how important job satisfaction is to create a healthy business culture. Our employees stay with us for the long term. We want their greatness to be acknowledged because we truly value them. 

8) We were one of the earliest licensed electrical companies with a photovoltaic license

We are pioneers in Las Vegas solar energy solutions. Our company made sure to become licensed well before other Las Vegas electrician services found it to be necessary and all of our journeymen electricians carry photovoltaic licenses. Also, we’ve installed solar panels in every part of Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Chances are you know someone who has used Bell to upgrade their home to solar power.

9) We’re employee-owned and women-operated

In 2020, a few Bell Solar & Electric employees purchased the company from its founder, Trevor Bell. As an employee-owned company, we strive to create an environment that is welcoming, fair, and fulfilling for our employees. We put people over profits. 

If you are looking at other solar installation companies, you’ll notice what makes Bell different right away. Women are underrepresented within the contractor field and we want to help change this. We are a woman-operated company and are always looking to hire qualified women who want to work in the industry. We provide an inclusive environment where women can thrive. 

10) We perform all types of residential and commercial electrical and solar work

Bell Solar & Electric can perform all the electrical repairs and diagnostics that your home or business needs. We are more than just a solar installation company and have expertise in all electrical systems. There are no electrical concerns that we can’t handle. We are a full-service company and would be happy to discuss any major or minor repairs you may need in your home or building.

Choose Bell Solar & Electrical For Your Solar And Electrical Needs

We know that you have a lot to consider when choosing a solar installation company. Our customer service record, hometown pride, and commitment to helping others make us stand out from the rest. We are so proud to serve the Las Vegas Valley. Please let us know if you’d like to discuss installing solar power for your home or if you need help with any electrical issues. We are happy to help you with all your electrical needs.

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