Why Are Local Solar Installers Preferred Over Nationwide Installers?

Your solar panel installation determines the solar system's profitability. Find out why local installers are preferred over national ones.

Committing to a rooftop solar system was the easy part. Choosing the right installer is where things get tricky.

While national solar installers may seem like a better option at first glance, local solar installers bring many advantages that are hard to overlook. Find out why many homeowners choose to work with a local installer to set up their rooftop solar system.

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Local vs. National

In many ways, the solar installer you choose will determine if your rooftop solar system is a profitable investment or one that causes you problems. Solar installation companies that don’t use experts to set up your system could make any number of mistakes that require a crew to come out and fix your array or which actually damages your solar system or roof. 

National solar installers often use crews they have put together temporarily or which they move from state to state. This means that it’s likely that the crew working on your roof aren’t experts in solar energy systems, or if they aren’t, don’t know about local tax benefits, weather conditions, and other factors that could impact your investment. A local installation crew will have this information, and may even have the skilled human capital necessary to ensure a successful installation.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Local Solar Installer

Want to take advantage of solar power in Las Vegas? Hiring a local solar installer brings some clear benefits, including the following:

They’re less expensive.

Local installers have far less overhead than a national company, meaning they can offer a quality solar installation at a lower price than their bigger competitors. How much lower? According to a study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), a local solar installer could save you 10% on your installation costs. The right local installer could help you take advantage of solar energy at a lower price than a national one.

They care more about customer satisfaction.

Local installers are highly sensitive to online reviews and a bad one could hurt their business indefinitely. Likewise, word-of-mouth could spread throughout the community about the great work they do – or the bad. Local solar installer’s jobs and livelihoods depend on customer satisfaction, incentivizing them to pay more attention to the customer experience and reviews.

They can help you with solar panel maintenance and cleaning.

National solar installers typically have crews that are from out-of-state or who are hired only temporarily. This means that if your solar system has a problem, you could be waiting a while for help that isn’t professional. A local solar installer will have a dedicated team of employees who are ready to serve you and to implement a renewable energy solution like your solar panels with care and expertise.

They understand the weather in your area.

Bad weather can cause your rooftop solar installation to be delayed and may even damage your solar system or roof. A national crew made of out-of-staters or temporary workers won’t know how to plan around this, but a local installer will. They can plan around weather conditions at each time of year and even on specific days when the weather reliably changes.

They know the state’s solar rebate and discount programs.

There’s a patchwork of solar regulations across the country that varies state by state. Nevada’s solar rebate and discount programs are unique, and a local installer would have spent years researching and implementing them. A local installer will also know the local sentiment on these regulations and can give insight into how they might change in the future. 

How to Vet a Solar Installer

Want to vet a solar installer? Here’s how:

  • Read their online reviews
  • Check online contractor sites for information about them
  • Look up the contractor’s license number
  • Ask your friends or neighbors who have rooftop solar systems about their installer

Benefits of Bell Solar & Electrical Systems

At Bell Solar & Electrical Systems, we place a premium on the expertise you won’t find anywhere else. Our solar crews hold photovoltaic licenses and each one of our experts working on your residential solar panel installation is a journeyman electrician. We’re one of the oldest solar installers in Southern Nevada and were among the first licensed solar installers in the state. Our focus on quality extends to the materials we use for each project, with our customers only getting best-in-class solar panels and installation equipment.

Choose Bell as Your Las Vegas Valley Solar Installer

If you’re looking for a local solar installer for your home’s rooftop system, contact Bell Solar & Electrical Systems today. We’re among the top-rated contractors in the state of Nevada according to BuildZoom and were named the Best Contractors in Las Vegas in 2014. Our mission is to bring the renewable energy revolution to the world one rooftop at a time. Let us bring it to yours during your solar panel installation!

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