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If you have recently purchased a chandelier, you are probably eager to get it installed. However, while hanging a light fixture from a ceiling seems easy, properly hanging the chain and electrifying the bulbs isn’t so simple. Bell Solar & Electrical Systems offers full-service chandelier installation services that you can trust.

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Why You Need An Electrician To Install A Chandelier

Installing a chandelier is tricky. Securely hanging an intricate light fixture from a ceiling with a chain poses both obvious and non-obvious challenges. Nobody wants to destroy their chandelier while installing it, but that’s not the worst thing that could happen from a poor installation. The worst case scenario is creating a dangerous fire hazard in your home. For these reasons, it is wise to hire an experienced electrician to install your chandelier.


Chandelier & Light Fixture Installation

No matter your chandelier installation scenario, Bell Solar & Electrical Systems is up for the job. Whether you are installing a typical chandelier on a conventional ceiling or a specialty chandelier on a vaulted ceiling, finding an installer you can trust with the following is key:

  • Conventional Installations: If you intend to have a chandelier installed on a standard height ceiling (8’- 10’), Bell Solar & Electrical Systems will install it quickly and safely.
  • High Ceilings: If you are interested in installing a chandelier on a vaulted ceiling (ceiling height over 10’), then Bell Solar & Electrical Systems are up to the task. While inexperienced contractors or electricians may struggle installing a fixture on a high ceiling, our experienced professionals are more than capable.
  • Specialty Chandeliers: If your chandelier is particularly intricate and has fixtures that require detailed wiring work, then it is essential to hire an electrician capable of a safe installation.
  • Oddball Scenarios: While many contractors are willing to install chandeliers, few are able to take on and successfully complete truly unique and challenging installation scenarios. Bell Solar & Electrical Systems has the expertise and professionalism to handle your needs.


Las Vegas Chandelier Installers Near You

Since 2012, Bell Solar & Electrical Systems has been providing exemplary service to construction companies, business owners, and homeowners throughout the Las Vegas Valley. We are a family-owned business that is passionate about our work and reputation. We are committed to providing the best service possible.

Bell Solar & Electrical Systems offers experienced electricians you can trust at rates that are hard to beat. Contact us today if you are interested in installing a chandelier in your Las Vegas home.

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