Residential Solar Panel Installation

As a Las Vegas homeowner, you have likely struggled to keep your electric bills under control. After all, you want to be comfortable during those scorching 110-degree summers. Using solar power is a great way for you to do that while also saving money on your energy costs.

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Here’s what you should know if you’re considering investing in a new solar power system.

Affordable Solar for Your Home or Building

Having solar panels installed on your property offers a number of key benefits, including:

  • Energy Savings: Your solar system will access the clean—and free—power of the sun, saving you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in energy costs year after year.
  • Tax Credits: Nevada residents who install a solar system are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit, making switching to solar more affordable for the average homeowner than ever before.
  • Net Metering: If your solar system generates more electricity than you actually use each month, you can earn money from the power company via net metering.

  • Increased Property Value: An installed solar system can increase the value of your property exponentially. This is because buyers recognize the money savings that a system can offer over time.
  • Eco-Friendly: Solar panels allow you to utilize renewable energy that’s produced by the sun instead of fossil fuels that can harm the environment.
  • Lower Temperatures: The heat from the hot sun will be absorbed by the solar panels instead of hitting the roof directly, allowing for lower indoor temperatures.

Our Professional Journeymen Electricians are Equipped for Any Solar Install


A residential solar panel installation is a big job. Connecting the panels involves intricate knowledge of electrical systems and attempting the project on your own can have disastrous consequences. You might install the panels incorrectly or even damage them in the process, which would mean more money you’ll have to spend in repairs. Worse, you could even electrocute yourself without the proper safety training. That’s why it is always best to work with a trained electrician on a solar install. At Bell Electrical, our team is experienced in multiple electrical areas, and each of our crews holds photovoltaic licenses. When you hire us to install your solar panel system, you can expect professional work from highly trained electricians.

Your Solar Installation Company in Las Vegas

At Bell Electrical, our goal is to ensure you reap the maximum benefits offered by solar. Our team will help you select the best system for your needs and get it installed for you in a timely manner. Our hard work and commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart from other solar companies. We’ve been proudly serving Las Vegas since 2007, and we’ve grown our business on a reputation for integrity, dedication, and excellent service. If you’re ready to save money on your energy bills, call us today and speak to our staff about our solar power solutions.

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