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It is a well known fact that water and electricity don’t mix. So, if you have a pool or hot tub installed at your home, you want to make sure everything has been done properly and the wiring is correct. You don’t want to have to deal with costly repairs if you set the pool up yourself and the electrical systems are wrong, and you definitely don’t want anyone getting hurt by electrical shocks from bad wiring.

The best way to ensure you won’t have issues with the electricity in your pool or hot tub is to hire a professional electrician who has experience with wiring spas, hot tubs, Jacuzzis and pools and who will make sure everything is up to code and working properly.

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Pools and spas have a number of electrical items associated with them that must be installed and maintained in order to function properly. Depending on where you live, there are different codes that must be followed to stay safe and within the laws of your location. Some states require that your pool or hot tub electrical systems be installed by a licensed electrician in order to ensure that everything is up to code and as safe as possible.

Some of the equipment an electrician can install for your pool or spa includes:

  • Electrical outlet receptacles for pumps, motors
  • Underwater lights
  • Motors and pumps

  • Heating elements
  • Filtration systems
  • Whirlpool wiring

Common Electrical Problems in Pools and Hot Tubs

If there is an issue with your hot tub or pool, a licensed electrician is the best person to call for repairs. Common problems that can occur include:

  • Problems with a pump: The biggest issue most pool and hot tub owners have is usually a pump that is not working properly. From a loose connection to a faulty board in the power motor, there are several things an electrician can check to help with a pump problem.
  • Heater failure: A hot tub or heated pool needs to be hot! Heaters break or malfunction due to a faulty heating element, corrosion issues or other damage.
  • Clogged filter: If the pump is not working on your pool or spa, it can cause the filter to become clogged. If the filter is not checked and maintained, it can cause other issues with the pump and other systems.
  • Underwater bulb burned out: Sometimes a leak in a light fixture can cause a bulb to burn out in your pool. Other issues could be a short in the wire, a broken switch, or a bad breaker panel. Replacing the entire fixture is usually the best idea in cases where a light is burning out more often than it should.
  • GFCI breakers tripped: Ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets are required around water, pools, hot tubs and spas. These outlets will automatically shut off the electricity to the outlet if there is a short or ground fault. However, if your GFCI breakers keep getting tripped, it could be anything from a pump or blower to a short in a wire.

Your Pool Electrician in Las Vegas

When it comes to the wiring and electrical systems for your pool or hot tub, you want to go with a company that you can trust will take the safety of your family and friends into mind as they work. Bell Solar & Electrical has been in business for over 20 years, proudly serving the Las Vegas area with residential and commercial electrical services. We’re licensed, bonded and insured, up to date on all codes. We only hire journeyman electricians, meaning every one is an expert and will handle your project with the care and attention it deserves. The combined experience and knowledge of our electricians will ensure you get the best technicians working on your pool or hot tub installation, repairs and maintenance.

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